What is ZUMBA?

ZUMBA is a fun cardio fitness workout, based on Latin rhythms and movements. Songs are designed to assist with weight loss and also tone and  sculpt your body. The music used in ZUMBA is so catchy that you will be having a blast and not even realise you are there for a serious workout.

Who can participate in ZUMBA?

Everyone! Any fitness level, shape or size. Participants are encouraged to ease into the workouts and then build up their fitness, strength and stamina. Our ZUMBA UNITED team offers a variety of experienced and passionate instructors with different styles and skills, assisting you in the transition to the ZUMBA FITNESS program. Our ZUMBA school is one of the first in Australia to offer ZUMBA GOLD. This is a low-impact option, easy to follow workout where participants can learn all the basic steps and rhythms used in a ZUMBA class and still have a great time doing so.

Do ZUMBA classes have an age limit?

ZUMBA is for everyone! Our general ZUMBA class is targeted to 16 years plus. There are specific classes for children which we aim to provide to you in the new year. ZUMBA GOLD is a fantatsic option for seniors wanting a lower impact work out with functional, safe and effective movements. We also plan to hold a variety of GOLD classes in the new year. Please send us your details so that we can update you with the info.

What do I wear to a ZUMBA class?

ZUMBA is a workout! It’s a PARTY! So we encourage participants to wear comfortable workout clothing with a hint of attitude and flavour. Comfortable sneakers are imperative as there is impact work and your feet need the support and stability.

What are the class charges and can I pre-pay?

UNITED By Keren is proud and is continually striving to only charges $12 per class and $10 if you become a member of UNITED! We want you to feel comfortable as casual participants who don’t want to feel tied down or pay membership fee’s you may not use. You can feel free to come as you please with no commitment. The aim is that you will love classes so much you will try to come more often with no pressure!
There is no pre-bookings for our ZUMBA classes. Some classes can get quite full so please make an enquiry if you require further information.

10 pack on sale for only $99 ($90 for members) giving you one free class. These are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.

Do i need to book for any UNITED By Keren classes?

Not at the moment. Some classes can get quite busy but that is all a part of the ZUMBA party vibe so please be prepared for the time of your life and a little booty bumping. The energy is incredible and the class can go wild so be sure to come up front if you need to see whats going on.

Will there be more classes?

Absolutely! Send us your feedback so we know exactly what you want.