Dawn Moore – November 2017
I have had the great pleasure of attending three Zumba United classes now and have loved them all. I have always found the gym quite boring. These classes are anything but and they’re such a friendly, welcoming group I felt right at home.
There are no barriers. It doesn’t matter what age, size, shape or experience you have. You don’t have to be super fit or a pro dancer to join in.
The first class I took was on a Wednesday morning, with Keren who’s easy to follow choreography, enthusiasm and infectious smile made us all forget we were actually in an exercise class! In fact, the smile on my face and feel good factor stayed with me all day. Liana helped me get in touch with my inner belly dancer on Friday and was just as much bouncy fun on Monday. Seriously, if you like to strut your stuff, salsa, rhumba or just want to shake your booty in a non-threatening, giggle filled environment, AND have the added bonus of upping your fitness level, then this is for you.
This has got to be the most fun way to shape up and is absolutely the best $12 I’ve spent in Melbourne!

Simone Davidson – October 2017
I have had Latin rhythms and dancing in my life for a very long time, so after having 2 babies Zumba has been the best way to keep me dancing and moving to music I love. The times of the classes suit, I love the moves and the music and the fitness of dancing non stop! Keren and her team have been an amazing support, with advice on exercise and nutrition, and lots of encouragement.  The classes are very motivating and even when I’m struggling I somehow find the energy and get through the class and always leave feeling good. I’ve even got some great Zumba gear that I love wearing. Even though it’s hard to get away from my family commitments, attending my Zumba classes continuously for the past 7 years has been high-priority!

Lael Stone – September 2017
I have never been one to love exercise. As a matter of fact I would avoid it at all costs. And then I discovered Zumba!!!  All of a sudden I was working out, sweating, dancing, laughing and having a great time and none of it felt like exercise. I can’t believe that I have been attending United By Keren classes for over 6 years – it is the only exercise that I have ever stuck to in my life. Not only has my fitness improved out of sight, but my strength has increased, my energy levels have soared and my body shape has transformed. Keren is the Zumba queen. She is infectious and you cant help but be inspired by her spirit and her attitude. Do yourself a favour – get to a United class!

Marianna Kohumoetini – July 2016
I understand how important exercise is for your body and your mood. Keren is a beautiful and talented Instructor and I firmly believe her workout is effective & motivating! Her performance and technique is amazing, she is simply an excellent teacher. I enjoy and LOVE all that United By Keren offers. Thank you for changing my life.

Ellie Dembo – December 2015
Hi my name is Ellie and I am a Zumba addict!! 🙂 I was very fortunate to find United by Keren a couple of years ago and after attending one of Keren’s classes I was hooked! Zumba is my happy place. With United by Keren classes are affordable, instructors are friendly and easily approachable; and you are guaranteed to leave with a sweat and a big smile! No matter what mood I’m in or how tired I am, Zumba allows me to release all my energy while having a great time! I am too busy loving the music and moves that I hardly remember that I am exercising (which usually results in a little bit of improvisation 😉 ) Keren and her team are always there to offer advice and welcome feedback. Even if I cannot always complete every move to its full extent I love the fact that with Zumba I am able to change the intensity of my workout to suit my body while still being able to challenge myself and receive a great workout! United by Keren’s Zumba classes are great fun, energetic, very motivational and cater for every level!! The steps are easy to follow and the more you do it the easier it becomes!! .

Kirsten Gabel – July 2015
Zumba makes exercising fun and not tortuous.  Keren and her team are very passionate and that is so contagious. Also they provide a ‘safe’ environment where participants can let loose and dance, have fun and sweat. I can always find a class that fits into my everyday schedule. The physical, mental and emotional benefits can’t be beaten by anything else – and believe me I tried alternative options. The price structure and deals for the classes are great too, rewarding those who keep on coming plus special deals. In summary: best team, best classes, best prices, best results. All it takes is to go and do it.

Catherine McLean – February 2015
I have been to many different Zumba classes in America, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Although all classes have some similar music, moves etc. I have noticed that all classes have a very different ‘vibe’. This is down to many things, the space being used, the other group members, the size of the class etc. but I have found the largest contributing factor to this vibe is the instructors and their attitude and enthusiasm.
Zumba United has the BEST instructors and classes ever! The instructors are all so friendly, enthuastic, kind and helpful. The classes are really comfortable and fun and everyone has a good time. Oh how I wish I could move back to Melbourne and attend Keren’s classes again!

Mark Vecchiato – December 2013
I recently started Zumba with a 12 week challenge in mind; To lose 20kg and now that I’ve surpassed that, I’m currently on a journey to lose 60kg for my health! I started Zumba on August 3, 2013 and I weighed in at 162kg, three months later I weighed in at 136kg. A total loss of 26kg in 12 weeks! I was always a person who got bored of their exercise routine. Keren and her team made me feel welcome and inspire and push me each and every week.  Thank you to Keren and the Zumba United team for giving me back my life !!!! For all those people out there that say working out is too expensive. I dare you … Put a price on your health!!!

Olive & Graham Ryder – November 2013
We stayed in Melbourne for 6 weeks and really enjoyed the pace and excitement of the UNITED classes. We were made to feel very welcome at each and every class we attended. It was great to experience the different styles in the UNITED classes.
Thank you so much for the ‘WORLD CLASS’ classes!

Tricia Paige – November2013
I have gone to gym for years and had personal trainers but I have never had anyone as thorough as Keren.
It is great the way she explains positions & exercises, I’m sore the next day and so very pleased as I know it must be working

Anastasia Roubos  – September 2013
Zumba with United By Keren is incredibly satisfying! I started not long ago and Zumba coupled with a bit of walking during the week has seen my body transform as I have lost weight. The 9:30am classes are at an ideal time and I love the current music! You can choose to work hard or not – it’s completely up to you. Give it a go!!!!

Ruza Obradovic – December 2012
“The UNITED team have been the only people that have managed to keep me exercising on a regular bases and more than once a week. You all make it easy and fun. You have a great pricing model, you allow it to be causal, you have enough variety of classes, people can go as hard or as soft as they feel, and you have great instructors on your team. The most important thing for me is that for the first time in a very long time I feel fit, I feel stronger, I feel more alive. My knees were a mess, now I have this fantastic muscle support around them, I can get up and down without pain or noise, my back is stronger, I have hardly had to spend any money on physio treatment this year. I am going scuba diving over the New Year break, and I know that I will be able to get back on that boat with the weights and tank still on, because my legs feel strong.
In summary your model is great and the instructors are all great in their special individual ways, and they all share and display genuine passion.”

Natasha Katz – December 2012
“UNITED By Keren has changed my life. I’ve lost 25 kilos over the 2 years that I have been attending classes… and the classes have given me coordination which I’ve never had! It is a fantatsic escape from really tough days. So thank you UNITED!”

Andre Marret – September 2012
“A big thank you to Zumba and the United team! The program has been really beneficial to my wife Ana and our family;
By joining United, she has really found an environment to connect to. Her attitude has become more positive, dynamic and the way to approach every day life as a mum with two kids. She is always looking forward to going to United classes where she meets very nice people.
Merci to Zumba United!”

Lilian Kaplan – August 2012
Zumba has changed me for the better! Since the first zumba class with Keren i fell in love with Zumba straight away, now im addicted! It is so much fun and the energy is incredible that you dont feel like your doing exercise. Keren and the team add so much excitement to each class, they are motivating and create a comfortable, crazy, fun, wild, enviroment which makes it feel more like a party than a workout! I have also achieved amaizing results, losing over 10 kg and still going 🙂 I feel like a new person! I dont think I ever could’ve done it without Zumba and the motivation and energy of the instructors! I have never enjoyed doing exercise until I started doing zumba and now im addicted. Thank you so much for making zumba the most enjoyable, fun, crazy, insane classes ever!

Primrose Tour – August 2012
“Zumba is not only a fun filled energetic form of exercise, it helped me to lose weight and kick start my weight loss journey to a healthier life style.The electric atmosphere Keren and the team create keeps me fully motivated and the extensive support I recieve from the instructors is irreplaceable. My experience with the United family has been and is – invaluable. I have lost 75kgs with zumba and a change of diet in just over the past year! (This is no typing error, Primrose started Zumba at over 160kg in December 2010. She has managed to reach her goal weight and she looks like a new person! We are soooo very proud of her!)
The vibe and energy Keren creates in her classes is truly infectious and amazing. I’ve gone from someone who couldnt be bothered walking to the shops to someone who is truly excited about exercise.”

Nicolina Landeman – August 2011
“I have been a regular at United Zumba classes &  for the last 6 weeks or so I  have committed myself to twice a week doing Zumba Toning. The change in my body since doing these two classes has been quite signiifcant & noticeable – so thank you! I want to cast my vote for Zumba Toning…”

Caroline Murphy – Dec 2010
“Just to let you know I jumped on the scales this evening to my utter delight!! In 7 weeks of Zumba, doing between 4 and 6 classes a week, with a week I have lost 10Kilos!!! I have not been under 60 Kilos since I was in my early 20’s so for the first time in a decade I am under 60 kilos!!
A massive thank you to… you and all the girls for making it fun and making me want to come back every day.”

Voula Moutsos – August 2010
“Well done on providing an enthusiastic exercise class that is easy to come back to and not to mention affordable!  Its so refreshing to do a form of activity that I doesn’t make me look at the clock until its finished.  I’ve encouraged a few people from work to come along and they all say the same thing.”

Jessica Stubbs – July 2010
“Awesome class, suitable for all fitness levels not to mention a great booty-shaking workout!!”

Jeannie Newton
“Love the Zumba class …the lights, the music, the dance moves, the atmosphere and the energy!! Thankyou for putting in so much effort for us, it is greatly appreciated!! Always feel happy and re-energized after a workout, thankyou for making it such an enjoyable experience.”

Rebecca Koss – May 2010
“I have never smiled or had so much fun during a workout. Everyone walks out with a big smile knowing they have pushed a hard workout.”

Jasmine Goh – July 2010
“Keren’s zumba class is high-energy fun where every part of your body gets a work-out. The music is always good and you never get bored because every few weeks we learn some new moves to zumba to. Keren is a professional, talented and easy going/fun instructor and always take time to show new moves. She also share’s exercise tips with the class which I find helpful. One of the greatest benefits I get is knowing I can do the class at a high intensity, I sweat heaps and still leave the class smiling and feeling energised. I am enjoying Keren’s zumba classes – A LOT!”

“I think Keren’s classes are just terrific. They are fun and give me a great workout. I love the music and the great dance routines. I also think that Keren is a wonderful and inspiring instructor. I am a lawyer working full time. Not enough work/life balance although I’m trying. I look forward to Keren’s classes. They help me “de-stress” and feel good for the rest of the day!”

Becky Mackenzie – April 2010
“This is the best zumba class I have ever been to!
Keren has a way of leading the class in such a way that the participants are able to work at their own speed and get a great workout that suits them. SO MUCH FUN!!!! We want more!!!!!”

Newspaper clipping:
SUNDAY LIFE (Page 9) 31st October 2010