Lilian Kaplan

Zumba has changed me for the better! Since the first zumba class with Keren i fell in love with Zumba straight away, now im addicted! It is so much fun and the energy is incredible that you dont feel like your doing exercise. Keren and the team add so much excitement to each class, they are motivating and create a comfortable, crazy, fun, wild, enviroment which makes it feel more like a party than a workout! I have also achieved amaizing results, losing over 10 kg and still going 🙂 I feel like a new person! I dont think I ever could’ve done it without Zumba and the motivation and energy of the instructors! I have never enjoyed doing exercise until I started doing zumba and now im addicted. Thank you so much for making zumba the most enjoyable, fun, crazy, insane classes ever!