Virtual Zumba

When Covid-19 restrictions hit, along with business closures, United By Keren was forced to think outside the square and was one of the first to provide top quality LIVE STREAM classes to it’s Zumba community.   These classes proved to be a huge success.
While our live streams have now ceased you can still opt to playback a class
at your convenience and from anywhere in the world.
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Benefits of streaming from the comfort of your own home:

Login Anywhere

As long as you have access to a good WiFi connection you can workout with us from wherever you are.

Time Efficient

Instead of being locked into a specific class schedule you can pick and chose also saving on travel time and more.

Skip the Studio

If you’re new to exercise, this is a perfect opportunity to ease into it and not feel pressure to keep up. You can stop start in the comfort of your own home. Or on the contrary, you might like to really let loose and party around the lounge.
Don’t let anything/anyone hold you back. Build up confidence in the comfort and security of your own home. “Dance like no-one’s watching” rings true. Once you build up your confidence you may like to join us in a face-to-face class. The energy is electric and will feed you. You’ll never look back. In the mean time, get familiar with our steps and routines.

Zumba Virtual Live Class Schedule

Just $10 per week to access our library of stored classes;
This includes 30 stored classes which you can access at any time you like and from anywhere.

Email for more info: [email protected]

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