There are no magic tricks or fancy ways to do things, just have to be consistent .

No matter what fancy fad is happening now, nothing will beat old school consistency.
The main thing to remember is to
– have a plan
– be consistent
– progress little by little each week

If you don’t challenge yourself, nothing will change.
So whether you can commit just 15min x 4 times per week, or 30 – 45min x 3 times per week, have a plan and follow it.
Do the best you can.
Results will present.
Forget about mixing it up too often. ‘Keeping things interesting’ is not going to help your growth.

Learn to love the basics and then push yourself.

The image is actually me – yes, hi 🙂
That was my 6 month transformation aged 23, training for my first bikini modelling competition.
And let me tell you – those changes took a lot of hard work, serious clean up and changes to my diet and strength training HARD 3 times per week, plus cardio 3 times per week.
Since then I have competed a further 5 times and helped many other clients (& friends) to change their bodies too and learn to live a healthy, active life – with balance.
The key to my success was ‘consistency’ and ‘perseverance’.
It wasn’t easy and there were many times that I wanted to give up.
But I never did and that’s how I got the results.
We all have challenging days, we all have personal challenges that can get in the way, but we must never stop striving for better.

Please reach out if you would like my support or guidance.
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Types of training

Home workouts
Group Fitness (like Zumba)
… and so much more.

What takes your fancy?
Do something you enjoy, you will have more chance of sticking to it.

Strength Training is KING

For sure you have benefits from cardio as well, but strength training will work your heart as well as your muscles (and mind) in ways cardio workouts can not.
As we age, we lose muscle and it is imperative to keep that muscle alive and thriving.
Please reach out for more info on this important topic.

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