We love the idea of binging on cookies chocolate or ice cream, but most of the time after a binge we just feel tired, spacey, bloated, gassy, uncomfortable or just down-right discouraged…
Sugar is sooooo addictive and this dietary ingredient is wreaking havoc on our bodies and health as a society.
I have some simple tips you can do to curtail cravings & break the vicious sugar-binging cycle.

Read on for my TOP 7 TIPS…

1. Eat protein.

When we eat protein, it helps to slow the rate that sugar is dumped into the bloodstream…

So adequate protein with your meals and snacks is important to keep your blood sugar steady and avoid the peaks and crashes that ultimately lead to sugar cravings.

Eggs and lean meats are my favorites, but if nuts, seeds (including quinoa!), beans and other legumes, are more your style, they can also be protein-rich, so choose wisely and fill up on protein.

2. Don’t over-fast.

If you go too long without eating, then your blood sugar will drop and you can start craving sweets and carbs. (When we let ourselves get really hungry we also tend to overeat.)

Sometimes we go too long without eating because we’ve suppressed our appetites with caffeine or because we’re just so busy at work or running around or being stressed that we don’t feel hungry until it’s too late!

Sometimes the fasting is intentional! Intermittent fasting is all the rage these days, and while it is true that fasting for chunks of time throughout the day and night is generally good for your digestion and brain, it is possible to overdo it…especially at the beginning! Learning to fast can be sort-of like working out a muscle. If your body has been used to getting a constant supply of fuel, you may need to practice and build up to a longer period of fasting.

So make sure to eat before you get ravenously hungry!

3. Careful with the coffee cycle.

So here’s how it goes…

You wake up and have coffee first thing in the morning

This suppresses your appetite because it’s a stimulant…

You forced down a small breakfast and get to work…

By the time lunch comes hunger has started to kick in and the coffee buzz has started to wear off…

You eat a big lunch aaaaand…


And guess what you want mid afternoon? SUGAR!

Sound familiar?

To break this cycle try eating before you have caffeine in the morning. (Or try cutting back your morning caffeine. 😯🤐)

4. Drink water.

When I’m thirsty I crave snacks (mostly sugar).

I think that it’s because the original sweets in our diet were fruit and fruit contains a lot of water! So when you find yourself craving sweets, try drinking a big glass of water and see if it helps!
And, if it doesn’t work, at least you got an extra 600ml or so of water in you! Win win!

5. Set yourself up for success at home.

If you don’t have sweets like cookies, pastries, muffins or ice cream in the house, you are much less likely to eat it. Be realistic about how addictive sugar is, and create an environment of healthy choices in your home.
And if you are the main grocery shopper and you feel like you have to buy these things for your partner or children…YOU DON’T. Your family will adapt eventually.

We often think of sweets as a reward, or something that loved ones deserve and shouldn’t be deprived of… But that is an unhealthy way to think about something that is harmful to our health. You are doing your family a favor…even if they don’t immediately see it!

6. Bring your own snacks to work.

I’m sure many of you would like to outlaw bringing sweets to the office, right? Oh, the temptations! I hear it all the time from clients.
I cannot tell you how many patients I have that try so hard to eat healthy, and then struggle at work because someone is always bringing in a box of donuts or a tray of cookies.🤦🏽‍♀️

So to avoid this common pitfall?
Bring your own healthy snacks to work so that you are prepared and can better resist the temptation. You could even bring healthy snacks to share with your coworkers and set a good example!

7. Power through 3 days.

Sugar cravings and addiction are no joke! And sometimes you are just so caught in the grips that all you can do is go cold turkey and let your body reset.
This is often challenging for a few days. But after three or four days of resisting the urge to have sweets and fighting the internal cookie monster, most people start to feel free of that burden and able to choose sweets instead of needing them.

Look at a calendar, talk to friends and family so they can keep you accountable, and set a goal. YOU CAN DO IT! 💪🏼

If you follow all these tips for an extended period and still find yourself binging on sugar and simple carbs??

Well you may very well have some other imbalances in your body that are leading to these behaviors…

Infections in your gut, blood sugar dysregulation, adrenal and thyroid issues, even mood disorders, can all cause sugar cravings! Best to talk to your doctor if you think there is something more going on.

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