This is a hard truth that I really need to bring up.

This is such a huge problem I see. Too often.
Your scale obsession and freaking out every time the scale goes up, then you restrict and start hating your body and your life.
What lies are you telling yourself with the scale?
How has this been working for you❓
I bet, not so well.
It’s hindering your potential and growth BIG TIME!


Let it go and watch your body and life change!

If this is you, ask yourself – how important is your goal?
Is it?
Then you need to set yourself free from this self imposed imprisonment.

Move your focus from the chasing constant fat loss and the number on scales dictating your success.
By changing daily habits… and being super bloody consistent & then super bloody patient!

YOUR WORTH (& the success in the journey to better health and fitness) does NOT come from a number on the scales.
The sooner you can believe this, the sooner you will move forward and reach your full potential.
I tell my clients ALL THE TIME to focus on the wins:

✔️you managed to meal prep this week
✔️you managed to sleep better this week
✔️you managed to cut out processed foods for the most part this week
✔️you drank more water overall this week
✔️you are feeling stronger/fitter/more energised

WHATEVER IT IS… if you focus on those wins AND KEEP WINNING EACH WEEK, your body will change and the numbers on the scales will NEVER matter like they used to – AND BANG!!!! YOU’RE FREE!!!!!🏆😎

How does that sound? Exciting? Ask me for guidance. 🙋🏻‍♀️👂 x KG

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